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Reality is Stranger Than Fiction

Digest (5.5” x 8.5”), 108 Pages, Perfect Bound, Matte Finish

In the Summer of 2021, my friend Omar packed up a 2001 toyota camry to travel to the middle of Ohio to attend the annual Gathering of the Juggalos. During his time at the gathering, Omar shot 11 rolls of film documenting his experience and fellow attendees. Below is a statement from the artist.


“The Gathering is often viewed through a satirical lens. They write it off as something foolish, nihilistic, and to be viewed with contempt. Relegated to the fringes of society due to their anti-establishment and hedonistic persuasions, many have failed to realize the cultural and intrapersonal significance the gathering has in the lives of thousands. For the 3 days, I was there - I experienced nothing but love in the most literal sense. People were sharing everything from burgers to beers, water & weed, but most importantly their stories. Living in a time where social media, tech, and the pandemic have further diminished an already decaying human connection, it was so refreshing to connect with my fellow human. Being a Sudani kid from NYC, you’d think there was no sense of camaraderie or tribe between me and Juggalos from the rustbelt and hinterland of America. But while I sat on the grass and puffed on that parliament, I couldn’t help but shed a tear of thug passion and look at the sky, as I finally realized I was home...”

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